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Fooled 1499: Fiorvante and Leo by Wickfield Fooled 1499: Fiorvante and Leo by Wickfield
When I was working on the designs for my Fooled OCs, I decided just to have fun and go with a more fantasy version of medieval clothing, but of course you know I can't stay away from historical fashions for long!  I had already drawn Marco and Lucia in historic fashions, but they were so much fun to work on that I decided to add historic versions of Fiorvante and Leo too.   Fooled takes place in 1499, so Leo is wearing an overcoat of the latest fashion along with his belt and dagger for going hunting.  Most men wore a cap of some sort and as a prince, Leo's has some fancy gold lacing, although the rest of his outfit is a bit plainer to be more functional than the kinds of long gowns he would wear for events of state. :)  Fiorvante is slightly more fanciful - because he is a sorcerer of suspicious mortality, I put him in clothes that would have been worn at the beginning of the century instead.  His green cape has been changed to a dagged houppelande, and his fancy hat is now in the chaperon style. In fact, my historic version of Disney's Frollo is wearing a later version of the chaperon and houppelande which you can see here

In the meantime, you can check out the full story in my novel Fooled, available from Amazon here:…
wetumbrella5 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
i love burgundian costume. make sure to visit my stuff
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Very good. I like.
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