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Hi guys, don't forget about Princess Lucia's Wardrobe Contest!  We haven't gotten any entries yet, and the deadline is about a month away on November 20.  I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
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DA has apparently changed its interface and I am extremely disoriented here
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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing an art trade with me where basically we draw each other's portrait?  Apparently I've been in rather a vain mood lately, and also I thought it would be fun.  ;)  We could maybe even make it into kind of a meme where we put each person's drawing side by side.

I'd prefer to do this with friends or at least people who have been following me a while instead of strangers - please comment and let me know what you think!
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Hi everyone, it's just a little under 2 months before the Fooled serial goes live this Thanksgiving!  In honor of the premiere, Princess Lucia needs a stunning new outfit - and that's where you come in!  For this contest, you will be creating a deviation based on the Fooled universe.
You will be creating a new Renaissance-inspired outfit for the the story's resident fashionista Princess Lucia.  It should be based on outfits from the 1400s through to the mid 1500s, but you can also use plenty of artistic license to create a unique look.  Don't forget to draw accessories, jewelry, or a new hairstyle for the finishing touch!  

Contest deadline: November 20, 2014

Be sure to read all the details here
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Hi everyone,
I wanted to thank all of you for the fantastic birthday wishes yesterday!  I really appreciate that you took the time to write me such sweet notes.  It made my birthday that much better!
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Well I think August is going to be a great month:
 - First of all, I finished the Fooled manuscript!  Yay!  4.5 months, 20 chapters, and 82,000 words - it is the first novel (non fanfiction anyway ;P) that I've ever completed!
 - My 23rd birthday is on the 24th and I already know I'm going to get lots of awesome stuff (such as a Funfetti cake from my sister)
 - On the 26th I start my FINAL semester of college and I can not wait
 -'s a pocketful of money year!  AKA there are 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays, and 5 Fridays for the first time in 800+ years

I'm sure there is plenty more to look forward to but so far it is already off to a great start.  ^_^  
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Hey guys, I've found I need to raise $25 so I am offering quickie $5 commissions. :D

For $5 I will draw a black-and-white pencil bust/headshot of you or any original character  
OR a vectorized lineart Dexter's Lab-style bust/headshot of you or your original character

Sometimes people have requested pics of my OCs and I can do that too, but I'm not offering other fanarts, sorry!

You can request multiple drawings (but only one character per pic).

If you are interested please comment here or leave a note, thank you!
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Hi guys,
The Fooled  "Design a Royal" challenge at :iconfooled-official: has 3 days left - this is your last reminder before the deadline August 2nd to make up a character for a Fooled illustration, and after this I will quit spamming your inboxes, I promise. :)

Check out all the details here.
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Hi guys,
As of today there are 2 weeks left to the  "Design a Royal" challenge at :iconfooled-official: , where you can invent a character which I will include in a Fooled illustration.  There's still plenty of time to think up and draw  your character, so make sure to check out the details here.
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It may be because my 3rd anniversary with DA is approaching in the next few months, but I've been really appreciative of all the support and encouragement I've been getting from you guys who are following me or who happen to pass by and say a kind word.  I know I haven't been super-active here in the last bit but that has also been because I have started some other long-term projects thanks to your enthusiasm and interest in my OCs and general artwork.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that  you guys are awesome and that I really enjoy being on DA and sharing my work with you. ^_^
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Hi guys,
Those of you who follow me on Tumblr probably already saw it there but I think I might actually get some comments here which is why I crossposted. ;)

Anyway, I’m still working on the novelization for Fooled, but I’ve run into a bit of a hiccup.

Lord Fiorvante’s duchy is currently called “Il Moro” - I got (stole) the idea from the nickname of a swarthy aristocrat from Renaissance Italy.  However, today I found out that “Il Moro” actually means “the Moor” - basically it comes from Renaissance Italians calling anyone dark "a Moor" like the black Moors in Italy at the time.  Whoops.

I’m thinking it’s not exactly PC to continue calling the duchy “Il Moro” but I still really like the sound of it.  A few other substitutes I’m considering are:

"Il Morde" (translates to the bite and sort of sounds like “murder”)

"Il More" (which sounds cool but actually translates to the blackberries)

and “Il Mor” (which sounds more like “the Moor” but doesn’t actually mean anything, except being a fragment of Italian words like death, morte)

So, do you have any opinions?  Could I leave it “Il Moro” without being too offensive or should I change it something else?  Any other suggestions are also appreciated. :D

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Hi everyone, can you believe it's already been 2 months since the last Fooled contest ended?

Anyway, your next chance to draw for Fooled is not a contest, it is more of a challenge, because in the end everyone wins.  This is the Design a Royal Challenge, where you get to make up a character featured in Fooled!

Challenge deadline: August 2nd, 2014

By this fall, I am hoping to release the story of Fooled as an illustrated, online web serial.  In one scene, Marco, the Royal Fool, is responsible for entertaining a crowd of noble guests.  I am going to use the character designs you submit in creating the crowd for this important illustration!

About the challenge:
For this challenge, you will be creating a deviation based on the Fooled universe created by your kindly moderator, me, aka Wickfield.
You will be creating a royal or noble figure to fit in the Fooled world.  This means that they should be wearing fancy medieval or early Renaissance clothing.  (I will have a link to resources near the bottom of the page.)  Apart from that requirement, anything goes!  You can design your character to be any ethnicity, any gender, or any age!  Be sure to give your character a regal name!

Read more about it at the Fooled Official group page
Hi guys,
I loved seeing all the entries to the last contest at :iconfooled-official:, and I'm starting to plan a new challenge.  Here's a hint - everyone who enters will be a winner. ;)  I hope you will all stay tuned for details coming up at the beginning of June!
Hey guys!  As most of the world knows I am currently working on the novel that will become the Fooled web serial later this year. :)  I would like to have someone point out any flaws as I go along, and since I have now finished chs. 1-5 I am looking for a beta reader.

I am ONLY looking for 1 or 2 beta readers, and I need someone who will actually help give me critiques on the characterization and storyline.  I don't want somebody who is just here to read the story ahead of everyone else, I really need constructive criticism.

If you think you will be able to read and critique promptly and thoroughly please note me or respond to this journal.  Thank you! :D
Hi everyone, don't worry, I'm almost finished spamming your inbox with announcements for the Fooled Art Contest.  There is still 1 day for you to enter before it is closed on 11:59 PM EST March 30th - although with all the awesome entries you might have some stiff competition for prizes. ;) Go here to read the complete details!
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Hey guys,
I've been thinking pretty hard about what I want to do with my Fooled characters and world recently.  A lot of you in my comments sections have expressed interest and even made comments like "this should be a movie!"  or "you should make this a movie," stuff like that.  I've gotten some really nice encouragement about following that path but I don't think that is realistically anything I will be trying with Fooled, at least not till a long way in the future.  However, I also don't feel like I should just leave Fooled as collection of random drawings and designs.  I do think it has potential, and  I think I have come up with a plan.

I know for certain that I do not have the stamina or the dedication for a webcomic, but I do feel like I have strong abilities in combining drawing with writing.  So I think that, eventually, I would like to make two Fooled projects.  The first one (which I would like to complete in 2014) would be a sort of "novelization" (or maybe just a novel, since I'm not actually novelizing a movie or anything, haha).  It would be lengthy and detailed and include a lot of dialogue and such - basically just writing a book about the Fooled story.  I would probably make this available online or as an e-book once it is finished.

The second project is the more important one, and that is a Fooled storybook.  As a storybook the dialogue and content would be a lot simpler (which is why I would also write the novel form), but it would give me a chance to showcase the artwork along with the storyline.  I was inspired by the old "Classic Storybooks" Disney came out with in the 90s with the big full color 2-page spreads.  So I'm thinking that to make a storybook with nearly 100 pages and 50 spreads, it would take awhile.  I might publish sections or at least excerpts of this online, and if there is enough interest in this particular project I would kind of like to do a Kickstarter and raise enough money to print and sell some copies to followers and fans.   I feel the need to improve my scene drawing abilities so I would not start or finish this project till 2015.

Anyway, I don't know if any of this will make it to reality, but I think I now have a gameplan and a response for when people ask "What are you going to do with Fooled?"  I also have another reason to improve on my art, so it is time to get to work!

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Hi everyone!  I am pleased to announce the first ever Fooled art contest!  

For this competition, you will be creating a deviation based on the Fooled universe created by your kindly moderator, me, aka Wickfield.  This contest does not have a theme - the only requirement is that you include at least one Fooled character in your deviation.  You can make up a scene, design a new outfit for princess Lucia, write a fic, the sky is the limit!

Please visit the :iconfooled-official: group for full details and information on prizes.  Also, see how you can help donate prizes and receive points for sharing information on the contest!

Contest deadline: March 30th, 2014
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Thanks to a suggestion from Chibi-Tohru, I have decided to start an official Fooled Group here on DA!

Honestly the thought hadn't crossed my mind before, but I thought this might be a way for fans of the concept to contribute their own art and ideas, because it is always great to see other artwork based on this universe!  There's not much there but my own art right now, but you all should hurry up and go join so we can start to fix that!

And stay tuned because this week I will start posting info on the first Fooled-themed contest!
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Greetings followers, I am back with another question for you all. :)
I've been wanting to try some new things in my art this year, and one of thsoe things is the further development of my Fooled characters and world.  Since many of you are familiar with Fooled by now, I was wondering if there would be any interest in a Fooled-themed contest?  I had three ideas for the contest:

1) You could draw your own picture featuring the characters of Fooled.
2) You could design a dress for Princess Lucia
3) I could make up some "coloring pages" and you could color one of them in your own style.

So my questions for you are, if I did a Fooled contest, would you participate?  If you did, which of the above themes would be best (aka which should I pick)?  Also, what kind of prizes would you like to receive?  I was thinking I could do a full-color commission of your choice for the winner. :)

I am interested in hearing your comments!