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Hey guys!  As most of the world knows I am currently working on the novel that will become the Fooled web serial later this year. :)  I would like to have someone point out any flaws as I go along, and since I have now finished chs. 1-5 I am looking for a beta reader.

I am ONLY looking for 1 or 2 beta readers, and I need someone who will actually help give me critiques on the characterization and storyline.  I don't want somebody who is just here to read the story ahead of everyone else, I really need constructive criticism.

If you think you will be able to read and critique promptly and thoroughly please note me or respond to this journal.  Thank you! :D
Hi everyone, don't worry, I'm almost finished spamming your inbox with announcements for the Fooled Art Contest.  There is still 1 day for you to enter before it is closed on 11:59 PM EST March 30th - although with all the awesome entries you might have some stiff competition for prizes. ;) Go here to read the complete details!
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Hey guys,
I've been thinking pretty hard about what I want to do with my Fooled characters and world recently.  A lot of you in my comments sections have expressed interest and even made comments like "this should be a movie!"  or "you should make this a movie," stuff like that.  I've gotten some really nice encouragement about following that path but I don't think that is realistically anything I will be trying with Fooled, at least not till a long way in the future.  However, I also don't feel like I should just leave Fooled as collection of random drawings and designs.  I do think it has potential, and  I think I have come up with a plan.

I know for certain that I do not have the stamina or the dedication for a webcomic, but I do feel like I have strong abilities in combining drawing with writing.  So I think that, eventually, I would like to make two Fooled projects.  The first one (which I would like to complete in 2014) would be a sort of "novelization" (or maybe just a novel, since I'm not actually novelizing a movie or anything, haha).  It would be lengthy and detailed and include a lot of dialogue and such - basically just writing a book about the Fooled story.  I would probably make this available online or as an e-book once it is finished.

The second project is the more important one, and that is a Fooled storybook.  As a storybook the dialogue and content would be a lot simpler (which is why I would also write the novel form), but it would give me a chance to showcase the artwork along with the storyline.  I was inspired by the old "Classic Storybooks" Disney came out with in the 90s with the big full color 2-page spreads.  So I'm thinking that to make a storybook with nearly 100 pages and 50 spreads, it would take awhile.  I might publish sections or at least excerpts of this online, and if there is enough interest in this particular project I would kind of like to do a Kickstarter and raise enough money to print and sell some copies to followers and fans.   I feel the need to improve my scene drawing abilities so I would not start or finish this project till 2015.

Anyway, I don't know if any of this will make it to reality, but I think I now have a gameplan and a response for when people ask "What are you going to do with Fooled?"  I also have another reason to improve on my art, so it is time to get to work!

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Hi everyone!  I am pleased to announce the first ever Fooled art contest!  

For this competition, you will be creating a deviation based on the Fooled universe created by your kindly moderator, me, aka Wickfield.  This contest does not have a theme - the only requirement is that you include at least one Fooled character in your deviation.  You can make up a scene, design a new outfit for princess Lucia, write a fic, the sky is the limit!

Please visit the :iconfooled-official: group for full details and information on prizes.  Also, see how you can help donate prizes and receive points for sharing information on the contest!

Contest deadline: March 30th, 2014
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Thanks to a suggestion from Chibi-Tohru, I have decided to start an official Fooled Group here on DA!

Honestly the thought hadn't crossed my mind before, but I thought this might be a way for fans of the concept to contribute their own art and ideas, because it is always great to see other artwork based on this universe!  There's not much there but my own art right now, but you all should hurry up and go join so we can start to fix that!

And stay tuned because this week I will start posting info on the first Fooled-themed contest!
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Greetings followers, I am back with another question for you all. :)
I've been wanting to try some new things in my art this year, and one of thsoe things is the further development of my Fooled characters and world.  Since many of you are familiar with Fooled by now, I was wondering if there would be any interest in a Fooled-themed contest?  I had three ideas for the contest:

1) You could draw your own picture featuring the characters of Fooled.
2) You could design a dress for Princess Lucia
3) I could make up some "coloring pages" and you could color one of them in your own style.

So my questions for you are, if I did a Fooled contest, would you participate?  If you did, which of the above themes would be best (aka which should I pick)?  Also, what kind of prizes would you like to receive?  I was thinking I could do a full-color commission of your choice for the winner. :)

I am interested in hearing your comments!
Hi guys, in my last journal entry I asked which kinds of tutorials you would like to see.  Fortunately it looks like I've already written tutorials for most of them!  I thought I would provide some links though in case you hadn't seen them before.

Kyleboy21 asked for a Dexter's Lab-style tutorial.  I have covered my Dexter's Lab style lineart/colors here, how to draw Dee Dee here, and tips on Mandark here
mariekelikestodrawn  asked for a lineart/coloring tutorial.  I have an old one that I wrote here (it's still pretty relevant)
xXSweeneyLovettXx asked for Disney-style tutorials.  I'm not particularly fabulous at this style but I have a few notes in this tutorial plus a   lighting tutorial over on my Tumblr

I hope you guys have some fun with these, and don't forget to check out my general tutorial/process folder here.  :D

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Hey guys, I realized I haven't done a good tutorial in awhile but I couldn't really think of anything I haven't yet covered.  Do any of you have any questions about my art you'd like to see explained in a tutorial?
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Hey guys, in honor of the upcoming new year I've decided to offer cartoon-style portrait commissions.  Send me a pic and I'll draw you (or someone else, or your OC or whatever) in retro cartoon style like you can see in my current DevID.  Each one will be $12 and you will receive a high-res file of your image once it is finished. :) (Smile)

Commission slots will close on my first day of classes starting January 13, 2014.  I have had a few inquiries without any follow-up so if you are still interested please note me for payment information, thanks!!  You can see examples of the kind of art you will receive here, here, and here 

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Hey guys, in honor of the upcoming new year I've decided to offer cartoon-style portrait commissions.  Send me a pic and I'll draw you (or someone else, or your OC or whatever) in retro cartoon style like you can see in my current DevID.  Each one will be $12 and you will receive a high-res file of your image once it is finished. :)

Commission slots will close on my first day of classes starting January 13, 2014.  Please note me if you are interested and for payment information, thanks!!
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Oh come on, how is this Fooled tumblr dump of all things on the popular digital art page today with over 700 views?  :XD:  There's just no predicting what will catch you guys' attention!
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I don't know what put my pageview count over the edge...last time I checked I still had a few hundred views to go before reaching this milestone.  Not too bad for only 2 years on DA, so thank you everyone!
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To my awesome followers, sometimes I get comments asking if it is okay to draw my characters (like my OC Marco, or my designs for Action Dee Dee or Teen Mabel), and I just wanted to let you know that I always take it as a compliment when people want to draw my designs!  I love to see other artists' interpretations of my characters so if you are ever wondering, go ahead!  Just be sure to let me know when you are finished! :la:
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Hi all, I just wanted to write this journal to thank everyone who took the time to wish me happy birthday or draw me gift art yesterday!  I had a great day, and as always, it was even better because of my followers here on DA!  :party:
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Birthdays all around

Mon Aug 19, 2013, 1:54 PM
Haha, what a fine time to install the free DA birthday skin, considering my own b-day is coming up on Saturday!  Although I haven't requested any artsy gifts, maybe the fun will inspire me to post some more stuff to DA.  I'll definitely need the distraction considering my classes also start back this week!

I also invite you all to have a piece of cyber-cake in honor of the occasion. :cake:  Hope you like Funfetti!

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Ok, I can honestly admit that when I joined this site I NEVER thought I would reach 900 followers.  Do you guys know how awesome you all are?!
Thanks for sticking with me for this past year and a half!
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Hi guys! It's that time of the year again....commission time!!

Also, if you aren't purchasing a commission yourself, it would be really awesome if you did a journal or something to help me advertise! ^_^

PLEASE READ THIS JOURNAL THOROUGHLY as I'm including most of the information you'll be wondering about.:D

Payment will be done via Paypal only.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENT UNTIL I HAVE APPROVED YOUR SLOT.  After I have approved your request I will send you my Paypal address so you can send me the money, and then I'll start on your drawing.

- These commissions are for ORIGINAL or FAN characters only - i.e. any character you yourself have created.   can't draw characters copyrighted by someone else for money (as much as I would like to!). ;)  
Technically I could also draw my own OCs if for some reason you are dying to see them. :P

- I require payment before I start on the drawing; it'll take me a few days to finish each pic according on the detail level.

- IMPORTANT: I will not take commissions that are sexual, fetishistic, odd, random, or spammish (like a request you send to every single artist on this site, haha).  I'm stressing this because when I've opened requests before I've gotten some weird responses and I've had to block people because of it.  So DON'T request these kinds of things or I'll probably block you, sorry!

All options listed below are done in flat coloring with simple shading, on a white or transparent background (unless you pay for a background). :)  

Add $5 to any of the following for simple BG

$14 - pencil sketch - one character - my style
Add $8 for each additional character

$25 - flat coloring - one character - my style
Add $12 for each additional character

$40 - painterly - one character - my style
Add $25 for each additional character

I will draw you or your OC in Dexter's Lab/retro style!!
$25  - one character - DL style
Add $12 for each additional character
Or in black/white:…

I will also consider coloring lineart, yours or another artist's (with that artist's permission!) - message me for more details!

Please note me or comment on this journal with the options you want, thanks!
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I need no title the journal speaks for itself

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 25, 2012, 6:40 PM
Wow, I've been getting a rather steady flow of new followers lately, which is unusual for me!  Should I be concerned that I get more followers when I don't submit anything?  Hmmm....

Anyway, just a quick journal to say thanks for following, you guys!  You people rock my socks. :aww:

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Which one is your favorite?

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 20, 2012, 2:37 PM
Hey guys,
I thought I'd ask your opinion and I'm sure you'd like to share, right? ;)
Anyway, I'm kind of in an art-block-sorta-thing (having less time/energy due to school means I draw less, boo) and I was wanting to know, if you could pick ONE favorite piece from my gallery, what would it be?  And, if you can say, why?

I know I can sort my gallery by most popular, but some pics get lots of random faves, and then some people fave several pics so I don't know which one they liked best.  So help me out!

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