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I certainly wasn't expecting a holiday surprise in the mail today, but when I got home after shopping for posole ingredients guess who was sitting on the front porch? My prize for :icondisney-club:'s Coloring Page Contest! StephLS made this awesome stuffed bear out of Olaf fleece. He was way bigger than I thought he would be and has already been great for a cuddle. Now I just need to think of a name for him. Would Olaf be too obvious? :)

(edited to hopefully fix the image...)
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I was tagged by :iconlamourdanimer: to give 10 facts about myself and answer 10 of his questions!  So here we go:

For the facts (you probably know most of these anyway):
1) When I was 7 I got a picture of a dinosaur I drew in Highlight's For Children's Dino Don section. 
2) I only play one app game, and it is My Singing Monsters.
3) I collect doll stuff/historical miniatures.
4) I am terrible at anything remotely athletic.
5) My favorite author is Charles Dickens (is there really any reason to read anyone else?)
6) I taught myself how to cook over the summer and I've been having fun making authentic Mexican foods
7) I've only ever watched 3 animes, which are Pokemon (the original series), Sailor Moon, and Ouran High School Host Club
8) I've had several websites (most of them when I was in high school) which I coded myself.
9) When it comes to fashion, I am a winter color palette.
10) I have recently become OBSESSED with the TV series Gotham.  I'm still on season 1 though (thank you Netflix), so no spoilers!

For my questions, I want to know... 
1. What is one really good movie that you've seen recently? It doesn't have to be one that came out this year.
The Lego Movie!  I was really behind in watching it but I only heard good things about it, so I finally got a chance to check it out a week or so ago, and the humor was so smart.

2. What is the worst Christmas gift you've ever been given? 
One year I got an electric dryer thing that would help to dry your nail polish.  I thought it was so pointless but now I could probably use it!

3. What is the worst Christmas gift you've ever given to someone else?
When I was 14 I made a bookmark for my dad by taking a piece of cardboard and wrapping it with wrapping paper, then decorating it with stickers.  I thought it was a great idea at the time but now that I look back it is it is kind of a lame gift to give someone when you are that old...

4. Do you have any memorable embarrassing moments?
I edited this because I thought of a better one!  Ok, when I was ten I got invited to a friend's birthday party, and she had a weird aunt who had like this weiner dog puppy.  She offered to let me hold him and since I was ten I just sort of said ok because I didn't know what to say.  Well I was holding the dog and then I got paranoid that he was peeing on me (for no reason), and so I flat out dropped the puppy.  He hit the pavement on his poor back and started yelping and obviously everyone turned to look at me, and I wanted to DIE.  But really, who drops a puppy on the pavement?  That is pretty bad, I deserved to be embarrassed!

5. Have you ever had a really bad/funny/embarrassing picture taken of you? Please describe in great detail. Ahem.  
Apparently I take all my most embarrassing photos myself because I NEVER KNOW WHEN MY REVERSE CAMERA IS ON.  So I get a good shot up my nose (and 2 or 3 chins) on a regular basis when I'm just trying to open my camera.

6. What is a song that you are currently obsessed with?
I can't get the Johnny Cash version of "God's Gonna Cut You Down" out of my head! 

7.  Have you ever had a supernatural experience or something that you just can't find any rational explanation for? 
Nah, I used to believe in that a lot more than I do these days.  There is usually an explanation.  The only weird thing that happens is when I hear my name and no one has said happens to me a lot, but that's just a memory, of course. ;)

8. Who are your top five favorite characters and why?
I wish you had asked me that a few years ago back when I was a lot more picky and a dedicated fan. ;)  Now I don't really have top favorite characters any more, I can find something I like about most characters!  But my newest favorite would probably be...Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon!  Although since I loved her when I was watching it on Toonami in 1998 maybe that is like rediscovering an old favorite instead. :)

9. How do you react when there's an awkward silence in a conversation? 
My mom taught me you don't always have to feel responsible for filling the silence, so I usually just sit there without being bothered by it.  Fortunately most people aren't too comfortable with that though so someone else will generally start a new topic!

10. Do you have any weird things you do when no one is in the house? (Like me) 
Not really, I just like to go about my business without having to talk to anybody!  And sometimes I will watch TV shows that no one else likes in the living room on the big TV instead of having to watch them on the computer!

My questions:
1)  Do you still watch cartoons (and if so what is your favorite)?
2)  What was your first fandom?
3)  What did you do for your tenth birthday?
4)  Are you an animal person?
5)  Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
6)  What is your favorite kind of art?
7)  Have you ever written a fanfiction?
8)  Who is your favorite family member?
9)  Do you like sweet, spicy, or salty food?
10) Have you ever been to Boston in the fall?

I tag:  :iconaidylvice: :iconzimeta: :iconcode-e: :iconmisora-roll: :iconmishimishilove:  and anyone else who wants to do it!
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Would you believe it?  This month marks the one-year anniversary of the debut of the Fooled Web Serial!  If you haven't read it yet, be sure to check it out here:  

The story is complete, so you can binge-read it whenever you want - just be sure to leave me a review in the comments section! :)

And if you want a sneak peek at some of the action, you can check out the four Fooled animatics based on scenes from the story:

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Hey guys, I'm still working on the CN Collab background, and I have to complete my entry for the Disney-club Coloring Book Contest, but after that you can expect some more Historically Accurate Disney...and non-Disney!  But I don't know which one to draw next, so I thought I'd let you vote with your comments. :) (Smile) I've put a list of the ones I've done enough research for below. 

In chronological order from earliest to latest we have:

Tzipporah - 13th Century B.C. Arabian Peninsula
Marina - 5th Century B.C. Greece
Shang - 1st Century A.D. China
Phoebus - 1480s France
Gaston - 18th Century France
Rapunzel - 1780s Germany
Flynn Rider - 1780s Germany
Alice - 1860s England
Jane Porter - 1890s England
Milo - 1914 America
Anastasia - 1926 France/Russia

Just comment with the one you want to see most!
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So today is the last update of "Fooled" - I can't believe it is already finished! I started posting it on Thanksgiving of last year so I also can't believe it's been nearly a year since then. Where does the time go?

Despite appearances, I actually do intend to finish the illustrations, so in the next few months I may release an additional compiled version with the completed illustrations.  There are also two more animatics in the works.  The story may be over but you will have to put up with this universe for just a little while longer!  :evillaugh:

Anyway, I hope that those of you who have been reading it enjoy the finale. :)  Thanks again for your all your comments and compliments!

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Thanks so much to everyone who participated in my Classic Cartoon Network Collaboration!  Altogether there were nearly 150 character drawings completed by August 31!  :highfive:

Now I am going to begin working on the background, and hopefully I can put it all together sometime during September.  Keep watching for the final mural! 
Hey all, guess who's on instagram?  I feel like I  am the last person ever to get one, but I just got my first smart device thing in the form of a tablet so better late than never!  Be sure to add me, my username is thewickfield (because apparently wickfield was already taken):
**UPDATE 8/30: This is a reminder that the final due date for submissions is AUGUST 31.  
Anyone who signs up for a character from this point on has a due date of August 31, even if you sign up two days before.

If you don't think you can finish your character by the due date, please let me know so I can open the slot for someone else.

If you have reached your max limit of 4 side characters, you can NOW sign up for TWO MORE.

Please be sure to check out the group characters with red bullets beside their names. Any characters who are not finished by August 31 will be left out of the collab, so be sure to claim your favorites!

Additionally, you may suggest other side characters or Hanna-Barbera characters to draw.

If you have any questions comment on this journal, thanks! 

Here's how it works - this collaboration focuses on "classic" Cartoon Network characters - i.e. the Cartoon Cartoons, or ones from the Powerhouse Era, roughly 1995-2002. I will post a list of the required characters - the main characters from each cartoon featured - at the end of this journal. In the first round of sign-ups, you can sign up for TWO characters and ONE object. Once all the characters in the required list are completed, I will add another list featuring side characters to fill out the mural further, and then you can sign up again.

Once all the characters are drawn, I will combine them in a big huge mural celebrating classic Cartoon Network!

You don't have to follow me, or even be a DA member to join in the collaboration, but it's HIGHLY recommended at least for the duration of the collab because if I have any updates or new rules, I'm going to send the message here.


Bullet; Yellow Any Cartoon Network character can only be in the collab once. In other words, if someone has already taken him/her/it, then you can't sign up them again.

Bullet; Yellow When we're done, Wickfield will put together all the individual characters onto one big mural.

Bullet; Yellow Traditional or digital mediums are fine. 

Bullet; Yellow Your character must be drawn full body. <<< SUPER IMPORTANT

Bullet; Yellow Your character MUST be in color.

Bullet; Yellow The higher resolution you submit your picture, the better! 500 pixels in width is the minimum.

Bullet; Yellow We are NOT including Cartoon Network OCs, FusionFall designs, Toonami characters, OR Characters from post-2002 series (Foster's Home, Flapjack, Adventure Time, etc.)

Bullet; Yellow When you make your character, you must draw him/her/it on a blank background. That means either plain white or transparent. (Transparent is preferred, but I know not all of you have that ability, so white is fine too.)
If you use photoshop, but don't know how to make transparent backgrounds, Zimeta has made this handy tutorial::
Making a Transparent Background in Photoshop by Zimeta

Bullet; Yellow Your artwork for this collaboration must be new and created after you signed up for a character so that you can showcase your latest work.

Bullet; Yellow DO NOT draw your character on lined paper! If you do, I won't accept it. 

Bullet; Yellow You CANNOT USE BASES to make your character. Your art must be all your own.

Bullet; Yellow Do *not* overly sexualize the female characters (or male characters). Keep them as they appear in the movies/shows.

Bullet; Yellow You're not allowed to trace an official Cartoon Network image, although you can use it for reference. Again, your work must be your own.

Bullet; Yellow You don't have to draw you character just standing, any pose is fine as long as it's not vulgar. 

Bullet; Yellow Do not do your own version of a character. You MUST use the original design. You're allowed to draw them in your own style, though. In fact, we encourage you to use your own style over doing a carbon copy of a character. You're also allowed to embellish the design if you want. Just as long as they still look like them.

Bullet; Yellow We are not doing different versions of the characters. For example, we are not doing Dexter and Action Dexter.

Bullet; Yellow If you add lighting to your character, the light source must be from the upper-right. Lighting is not a requirement.

Bullet; Yellow Please don't draw characters in "chibi" form! 

Bullet; Yellow For submitting, you can either just submit your picture to DA, or you can e-mail it to Make the title of your e-mail "Cartoon Network Collab", so that I recognize it. If you submit it to DA, please tag me or post the link in a comment to THIS JOURNAL so I can add it to the collab folder in my favorites.

Here's the basics for a visual representation (thanks to Zimeta for the example image): 


Bullet; Yellow You will have TWO WEEKS to complete your drawings from the sign up date. If you don't complete your character within two weeks, you will be dropped, and you won't be able to sign up for that character again. 

THERE ARE NO EXTENSIONS. Use your time wisely!

And the final day of the collab will be: AUGUST 31. 

Star!Star!THE LISTStar!Star!

Bold = claimed. Please don’t ask for characters who’re already claimed!
Strike= Failed to turn in and/or follow rules
** = Finished character
:bulletred: = Unclaimed group character, needs priority


**SIDE CHARACTERS** (Claim one at a time)

Characters who are members of a group are listed under the group name (i.e. Rowdyruff Boys).

Action Hank (Dexter's Laboratory) 
**Agent Honeydew (Dexter's Laboratory) -- JaviDLuffy -- Finished
**Amoeba Boys (group) (The Powerpuff Girls) -- JaviDLuffy -- Finished
**Brain-Eating Meteor -- Funinightmare -- Finished

**Carl Chryniszzswics (Johnny Bravo) -- Camila-Andromeda -- Finished
**Chicken from Outer Space (Courage the Cowardly Dog) -- Wickfield -- Finished
Computer (Courage the Cowardly Dog)
**Computer (Dexter's Laboratory) -- Shin-zilla -- Finished
Di Lung (Courage the Cowardly Dog)
Delightful Children from Down the Lane (group)(Codename: Kids Next Door)
**Demongo (Samurai Jack) -- Cinemuck -- Finished
**Dexter's Dad (Dexter's Laboratory) -- SerifeB -- Finished
**Dexter's Mom (Dexter's Laboratory) -- Zigwolf -- Finished
Dr. Vindaloo (Courage the Cowardly Dog)
**Eris (Grim and Evil) -- SwordSparks -- Finished
**Evil Eggplants (Courage the Cowardly Dog) -- Wickfield -- Finished
**Femme Fatale (The Powerpuff Girls) -- valloria -- Finished
**Freaky Fred (Courage the Cowardly Dog) -- Code-E -- Finished
**Fuzzy Lumpkins (The Powerpuff Girls) -- MazAMaTaz -- Finished
**Gangreen Gang: Ace (The Powerpuff Girls) -- Camila-Andromeda -- Finished
**Gangreen Gang: Arturo (The Powerpuff Girls) -- trusslark -- JenziBenzi -- Finished
**Gangreen Gang: Big Billy (The Powerpuff Girls) -- MacaroniandSqueeze -- Finished
**Gangreen Gang: Grubber (The Powerpuff Girls) -- kendramccormick -- Finished
**Gangreen Gang: Snake (The Powerpuff Girls) -- DontbeModest -- Finished
**General Skarr (Grim and Evil) -- Bubba-Smith -- Finished
**Gladys (Grim and Evil) -- joanstar -- Finished
Gramma Stuffum (Codename: Kids Next Door)
**Him (The Powerpuff Girls) - -WashiAlice Funinightmare -- Finished
Hoss Delgado (Grim and Evil)
Irwin (Grim and Evil) -- Artygal 
**Jimmy (Ed, Edd, and Eddy) -- Emmers29 -- Finished
**Jonny (Ed, Edd, and Eddy) -- Emmers29 -- Finished
**Justice Friends: Major Glory (Dexter's Laboratory/PPG) -- Code-E -- Finished
**Justice Friends: Krunk (Dexter's Laboratory) -- JenziBenzi -- Finished
**Justice Friends: Val Hallen (Dexter's Laboratory/PPG) -- TrusFanart -- Finished
**Kanker Sisters: Lee (Ed, Edd, and Eddy)-- Camila-Andromeda -- Finished
**Kanker Sisters: Marie (Ed, Edd, and Eddy) --SB99stuff -- Finished
**Kanker Sisters: May (Ed, Edd, and Eddy) --SB99stuff -- Finished 
**Kevin (Ed, Edd, and Eddy) -- MercerMZ -- Finished
Knightbrace (Codename: Kids Next Door)
**Koosalagoopagoop (Dexter's Laboratory/PPG) -- NightFuryDragon28 -- Finished
Ice Cream Men (group) (Codename: Kids Next Door)
**Lalavava (Dexter's Laboratory) -- JaviDLuffy -- Finished
**Lee Lee (Dexter's Laboratory) -- Kyleboy21 -- Finished
**Le Quack (Courage the Cowardly Dog)-- Admin2845 -- Finished
**Ma Bagge (Courage the Cowardly Dog) -- NightFuryDragon28 -- Finished
**Major Doctor Ghastly (Grim and Evil) -- JenziBenzi -- Finished
**Major Man (The Powerpuff Girls) -- JenziBenzi -- Finished
Master Hamma (Johnny Bravo)
**Mee Mee (Dexter's Laboratory) -- GracefulTatiana1897 -- Finished
**Monkey (Dexter's Laboratory) -- Code-E -- Finished
Mr. Boss (Codename: Kids Next Door)
**Ms. Keane (The Powerpuff Girls) -- SwordSparks -- Finished
**Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb (group) (Codename: Kids Next Door) -- JenziBenzi -- Finished
**Nazz (Ed, Edd, and Eddy) -- MiniDiren -- Finished
**Nergal (Grim and Evil) -- Zimeta --Finished
**Nowhere Newsman (Courage the Cowardly Dog) -- norree -- Finished
Numbuh 274/Chad Dickson (Codename: Kids Next Door) -- mimmiley
Pops (Johnny Bravo)
**Princess Morbucks (The Powerpuff Girls) -- shaduf -- Finished
**Rolf (Ed, Edd, and Eddy) -- SmithBoyy -- Emmers29 -- Finished
**Rowdyruff Boys (group) (The Powerpuff Girls) -- NightFuryDragon28 -- Finished
**Sarah (Ed, Edd, and Eddy) -- MiniDiren -- Finished
**Sis (Grim and Evil) -- Zimeta -- Finished
**Shirley the Medium (Courage the Cowardly Dog) -- Emmers29 -- Finished
**Scotsman (Samurai Jack) -- Funinightmare -- Finished
**Sedusa (The Powerpuff Girls) -- DontbeModest -- Finished
Stickybeard (Codename: Kids Next Door)
**Talking Dog (The Powerpuff Girls) -- MacaroniandSqueeze -- Finished

If you have a suggestion for a pre-2002 character I've left out that you would like to draw, let me know. :)

(Please note that some of these toons ran past the collab time frame, so when suggesting characters only characters introduced prior to 2002 are allowed: I.E. from Seasons 1-2 of Samurai Jack, Season 1 of KND, Seasons 1-4 of PPG, no Grim Adventures characters, etc.)

**Astro (The Jetsons) -- scribblerian -- Finished
**Barney Rubble (The Flintstones) -- MoonyMina -- Finished
**Betty Rubble (The Flintstones) -- MoonyMina -- Finished

**Big Dog (Two Stupid Dogs) -- scribblerian -- Finished
**Boo Boo (Hanna-Barbera) -- MacaroniandSqueeze -- Finished
Brak (Space Ghost Coast to Coast)
**Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes) -- MercerMZ -- Finished
**Daffy Duck (Looney Tunes) -- Fanficwriter1 -- Finished
**Daphne (Scooby Doo) -- Wickfield -- Finished
**Dino (The Flintstones) -- MoonyMina -- Finished
Droopy Dog (Tex Avery) -- Badluckcrow
**Elroy Jetson (The Jetsons) -- Zimeta -- Finished
**Fred (Scooby Doo) -- scribblerian -- Finished
**Fred Flinstone (The Flintstones) -- Zimeta -- Finished
**George Jetson (The Jetsons) -- MoonyMina -- Finished
**Huckleberry Hound (Hanna-Barbera) -- Code-E -- Finished
**Jabberjaw (Hanna-Barbera) -- Fanficwriter1 -- Finished
**Jane Jetson (The Jetsons) -- mangalover1351 -- OrginStreakX -- Finished
**Jerry (Tom and Jerry) -- WHATiFGirl -- Finished
Jonny Quest (Jonny Quest)
**Judy Jetson (The Jetsons) -- Zimeta -- Finished
**Little Dog (Two Stupid Dogs) -- scribblerian -- Finished
Magilla Gorilla (Hanna-Barbera)
**Road Runner (Looney Tunes) -- WHATiFGirl -- Finished
**Rosie (The Jetsons) -- Code-E -- Finished
**Scrappy Doo (Scooby Doo) -- NightFuryDragon28 -- Finished
**Scooby Doo (Scooby Doo) -- TrusFanart -- Finished
**Shaggy (Scooby Doo) -- shaduf -- Finished
**Secret Squirrel (Hanna-Barbera) -- Cartoonkal -- Finished
**Snagglepuss (Hanna-Barbera) -- NightFuryDragon28 -- Finished
**Space Ghost (Space Ghost Coast to Coast) -- Zigwolf -- Finished
**Tom (Tom and Jerry) -- GracefulTatiana1897 -- Finished
**Tweety Bird (Looney Tunes) -- MoonyMina -- Finished
**Velma (Scooby Doo) -- valloria -- Finished
**Wile E. Coyote (Looney Tunes) -- MoonyMina -- Finished
**Wilma Flinstone (The Flintstones) -- Zimeta -- Finished
**Yogi Bear (Hanna-Barbera) -- Code-E -- Finished
**Zorak (Space Ghost Coast to Coast) -- Camila-Andromeda -- Finished

Thanks to Zimeta for letting me copy her collab rules :hug:
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And the winners are:

Hippie AU- California Dreamin' by AWildFangirlAppeared
AWildFangirlAppeared 's use of color, and her fun AU setting, helped her drawing to stand out from the rest!

Pony Puff Dystopia by MightyMewtron
This was MightyMewtron's best entry, I loved the story that went along with the picture :)

Love Notes by ferretgirl87
ferretgirl87 did a great job mimicking the style for a totally believable scene :)

Be sure to check out all the awesome fanart at Dee-Dee-X-Mandark!
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Hey all, I was wondering if anyone here had used Google Hangouts before?  It looks pretty similar to Yahoo's old messaging system and I thought it would be fun to try it out (I've never had a Facebook but as a member of Google apparently I have the compulsory Google +, lol).  If you're interested let me know and I can add you!
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Hi everyone, don't forget to enter the Deedark contest over on :icondee-dee-x-mandark: !  You have until May 15th to enter. :)
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Hello all, I am proud to announce an awesome new group co-founded with aniek90 :

Feel free to join, tell your friends, submit deviations or favorites. Everyone is welcome!

(And don't forget the contests at my two other clubs, Fooled-Official and Dee-Dee-X-Mandark, you have until May 15th to enter!)
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Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that I've made a to-do list on my homepage that includes all the characters I currently have sketches for in my Historically Accurate Disney series (although I also have 2 bonus surprise characters not listed there).  If you have any ideas for other characters you'd like to see comment here, and I will consider adding them if I have enough inspiration. :)
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Hi guys, I am currently hosting 2 contests, one at each of my groups:

Fooled AU Contest

DeeDark Contest

Both of them end on May 15th, so be sure to check them out and submit something!
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Hey guys, I've really been appreciating all the positive feedback I've received for my Historically Accurate Disney series!  I think it's about time to add some more guys into the mix, but I don't know which one to draw next, so I thought I'd let you vote with your comments. :) I've put a list of the ones I've done enough research for below. 

In chronological order from earliest to latest we have:

- Hercules
- Shang
- Prince Philip
- Phoebus
- Aladdin
- Jafar
- Kristoff
- Milo
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Well, okay folks, I need to make some money FAST, SO:

I will draw the following for your original characters or you:

BW sketch (bust): $5

BW full body: $12

Color bust $18

Color full-body : $25

Add simple background: $5

I need the money by TUESDAY MARCH 24 so HELP ME OUT, thank you!

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Well, okay folks, I need to make some money FAST, SO:

I will draw the following for your original characters or you:

BW sketch (bust): $5

BW full body: $12

Color bust $18

Color full-body : $25

Add simple background: $5

I need the money by TUESDAY MARCH 24 so HELP ME OUT, thank you!

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Hey guys, I haven't done a Fooled update lately!  Just wanted you to know that the Feb. 26 and March 5 updates will be extra-long to cover the gala event you've seen in my artwork. ;) Be sure to check out the story here:
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The contest is now closed.  Winners will be announced this evening!

In the last few days I've been in a  nostalgic mood, remembering all the Disney fun I had as a kid.  I was also reminded of a silly secret - my Disney crush on Aladdin!  I'm sure a lot of us have a certain Disney character who is just our type, and I thought it would be a fun idea for a contest.  And with Valentine's Day coming up,  now is the perfect time to host it!

Contest deadline: February 13, 2015


About the challenge:
For this challenge, you will be creating a deviation focusing on the Disney crush of your choice - the one character from Disney that you think is the dreamiest!

How to participate?
In order to participate, simply upload your deviation and comment on this journal.  Each participant can submit up to two entries.  Be sure to include the reasons for your crush in the deviation description. ;)  Please keep your entries PG-rated, no fetishes, or they will not be accepted!

As mentioned above, the challenge will close at 11:59 EST on February 13th, with winners announced on Valentine's Day!

Wickfield and Aidylvice will judge the entries on different levels: creativity/idea, concept and execution.  Participants will receive the following prizes:

1st place:
a full color drawing of your choice
a llama from Wickfield
a llama from Aidylvice
a feature from Wickfield

2nd place:
a b/w pencil sketch from Wickfield
a llama from Wickfield
a llama from Aidylvice
a feature from Wickfield

3rd place:
75 DA points
a llama from Wickfield
a llama from Aidylvice
a feature in the group journal
a feature from Wickfield

I am fairly poor in deviant worth so I am accepting prize donations.  If you can donate points, journal features, llamas or anything else, please let me know.  Also, if you aren't interested in participating, please consider sharing this contest with your followers, thanks!

I hope you all have fun, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Contest Entry-Magical Protector by Stray-Sketches

CE: Kristoff by ronekimew

CE: Milo by ronekimew
Robert by Brejchova
Tarzan ^_^ by sarabadd
Disney Crush-Ralph by PureAngelDragon713
CT: Disney Girl-Crush Mulan by 990031
Jim Hawkins by DropYourSword
I have taken my prince by Lona818

<da:thumb id="513934925"/>
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