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Hi guys, just in time for the holidays I am opening commissions for two weeks!  I could definitely use the money so if you like my artwork please help me out!

I will draw the following for your original characters or you:

BW sketch (bust): $5

BW full body: $12

Color bust $18

Color full-body : $25

Add simple background: $5

**Please note that I am NOT doing fanart commissions.

COMMISSIONS CLOSE SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5 so please reserve your slots soon, thanks!

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I was tagged by :iconlamourdanimer: to give 10 facts about myself and answer 10 of his questions!  So here we go:

For the facts (you probably know most of these anyway):
1) When I was 7 I got a picture of a dinosaur I drew in Highlight's For Children's Dino Don section. 
2) I only play one app game, and it is My Singing Monsters.
3) I collect doll stuff/historical miniatures.
4) I am terrible at anything remotely athletic.
5) My favorite author is Charles Dickens (is there really any reason to read anyone else?)
6) I taught myself how to cook over the summer and I've been having fun making authentic Mexican foods
7) I've only ever watched 3 animes, which are Pokemon (the original series), Sailor Moon, and Ouran High School Host Club
8) I've had several websites (most of them when I was in high school) which I coded myself.
9) When it comes to fashion, I am a winter color palette.
10) I have recently become OBSESSED with the TV series Gotham.  I'm still on season 1 though (thank you Netflix), so no spoilers!

For my questions, I want to know... 
1. What is one really good movie that you've seen recently? It doesn't have to be one that came out this year.
The Lego Movie!  I was really behind in watching it but I only heard good things about it, so I finally got a chance to check it out a week or so ago, and the humor was so smart.

2. What is the worst Christmas gift you've ever been given? 
One year I got an electric dryer thing that would help to dry your nail polish.  I thought it was so pointless but now I could probably use it!

3. What is the worst Christmas gift you've ever given to someone else?
When I was 14 I made a bookmark for my dad by taking a piece of cardboard and wrapping it with wrapping paper, then decorating it with stickers.  I thought it was a great idea at the time but now that I look back it is it is kind of a lame gift to give someone when you are that old...

4. Do you have any memorable embarrassing moments?
I edited this because I thought of a better one!  Ok, when I was ten I got invited to a friend's birthday party, and she had a weird aunt who had like this weiner dog puppy.  She offered to let me hold him and since I was ten I just sort of said ok because I didn't know what to say.  Well I was holding the dog and then I got paranoid that he was peeing on me (for no reason), and so I flat out dropped the puppy.  He hit the pavement on his poor back and started yelping and obviously everyone turned to look at me, and I wanted to DIE.  But really, who drops a puppy on the pavement?  That is pretty bad, I deserved to be embarrassed!

5. Have you ever had a really bad/funny/embarrassing picture taken of you? Please describe in great detail. Ahem.  
Apparently I take all my most embarrassing photos myself because I NEVER KNOW WHEN MY REVERSE CAMERA IS ON.  So I get a good shot up my nose (and 2 or 3 chins) on a regular basis when I'm just trying to open my camera.

6. What is a song that you are currently obsessed with?
I can't get the Johnny Cash version of "God's Gonna Cut You Down" out of my head! 

7.  Have you ever had a supernatural experience or something that you just can't find any rational explanation for? 
Nah, I used to believe in that a lot more than I do these days.  There is usually an explanation.  The only weird thing that happens is when I hear my name and no one has said happens to me a lot, but that's just a memory, of course. ;)

8. Who are your top five favorite characters and why?
I wish you had asked me that a few years ago back when I was a lot more picky and a dedicated fan. ;)  Now I don't really have top favorite characters any more, I can find something I like about most characters!  But my newest favorite would probably be...Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon!  Although since I loved her when I was watching it on Toonami in 1998 maybe that is like rediscovering an old favorite instead. :)

9. How do you react when there's an awkward silence in a conversation? 
My mom taught me you don't always have to feel responsible for filling the silence, so I usually just sit there without being bothered by it.  Fortunately most people aren't too comfortable with that though so someone else will generally start a new topic!

10. Do you have any weird things you do when no one is in the house? (Like me) 
Not really, I just like to go about my business without having to talk to anybody!  And sometimes I will watch TV shows that no one else likes in the living room on the big TV instead of having to watch them on the computer!

My questions:
1)  Do you still watch cartoons (and if so what is your favorite)?
2)  What was your first fandom?
3)  What did you do for your tenth birthday?
4)  Are you an animal person?
5)  Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
6)  What is your favorite kind of art?
7)  Have you ever written a fanfiction?
8)  Who is your favorite family member?
9)  Do you like sweet, spicy, or salty food?
10) Have you ever been to Boston in the fall?

I tag:  :iconaidylvice: :iconzimeta: :iconcode-e: :iconmisora-roll: :iconmishimishilove:  and anyone else who wants to do it!
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Tzipporah - 13th Century B.C. Arabian Peninsula
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Shang - 1st Century A.D. China
Phoebus - 1480s France
Gaston - 18th Century France
Rapunzel - 1780s Germany
Flynn Rider - 1780s Germany
Alice - 1860s England
Jane Porter - 1890s England
Milo - 1914 America
Anastasia - 1926 France/Russia

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